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Status: Investigating

Why are we not able to set a default tab view for shipped orders.   We had this in V2.

Status changed to: Investigating

Hey there @service41,


I just want to make sure that im fully understanding what you are describing. Do you mean that the columns are being re-adjusted between logins? Are you seeing this in the shipments section or in the shipped tab of the orders section? Just want to make sure we are looking right where you are seeing this behavior. 


Thanks in advance! 

Frequent Contributor

Thanks for getting back on this.   No, I'm talking about creating custom views for the orders in the Orders Shipped view.   The system has a default tab called "All"  so every time you switch to the Shipped Orders view you have to wait for the "All" tab to populate then you can switch to a different filtered view tab you created.   In V2 you could designate your custom views as default view so the Shipped Orders screen would go there immediately instead of wasting time with the "All" view or tab.

Hey there! Thanks for this clarification! 


I'm going to look into this on my end and get back to you here when I have an update 🙂