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Our order processors would appreciate a feature in which they can determine the order of the shipping services that appear by carrier. For example "USPS First Class" used to be the top option for at least 6 years, now "USPS Priority Mail" is on the top. The muscle memory adjustment that needs to be made there, the strain on the eyes over time to spot the selection we need, its all a bit much.  To change something that has been seemingly set in stone after years is hard for the user, and I have a couple ideas that may help alleviate this. 

I assume there was some sort of logic involved in the choice to reorder the shipping services, but from the user's point of view, it is something they are used to that has been changed and the reason is unclear. Its like reorganizing your coworker's desk, even if it makes more sense overall, they are used to it and now performance and speed suffers. 

My first idea is to simply allow users to order the shipping services however they want. First Class on bottom, Priority on top, FedEx in the middle, whatever. I do understand though that programming layers of features becomes a difficult task. My second idea is to allow for "favorites."  If you allow users to favorite a shipping method, and favorites appear on top or something, this would achieve nearly the same result.

Unfortunately not every single order will be a shipment that can be printed off of a preset, and selecting a service over and over is what order processors do, sometimes all day.  It needs to be a smooth and personal experience where their tape dispenser doesn't suddenly move from the left to the right side of their desk.  I think my suggested features will be well received by many of your users.