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New Contributor

1) quickship VERY SLOW – takes 3x as much time to process as it used to.


2) When sorting via SKU AND after printing: have to x the sort box to get it to go away. Otherwise it blocks your work flow.  Is also an extra step to sort







3) With items sorted via SKU: sku sort dissapears after you print. Used to stay and need that fixed








4) With items sorted via SKU: shows sku AND item name. Need to remove item name












5) Some item sku’s are being cut off. Cant see whole sku example: SKU: Nicorette:2mg:Original:170:307667845600-



6) Have to refresh the page to view new imported orders. Used  to be able to just click on the order tab to see new orders


7) I have to re-map our printer settings at least once, sometimes TWICE a week!


I just hate those extra popups. sucking up so much time

Occasional Contributor

the set printer thing happens to me almost every day


the popups make it impossible to do anything fast

New Contributor

Did you have a comment @Moderator-Davis 

Occasional Contributor

Im using shipping easy for the last few weeks - its not perfect but its definitely not as frustrating as this V3 layout.


If it ever gets fixed or gets rolled back to V2 I think ShipStation is a bit nicer (and the mobile version is way better than Shipping Easy) but I cannot use this V3 daily as it just causes way too much stress for everyone here.