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Since Shipstation took away the "restore" order button in V3, how are you handling this now?


The last I checked (a couple months ago) on V3 if you used the "duplicate" order function it would wipe all the line items on the 'new' duplicated order. And Shipstation has deemed this as a non-issue. They said I should manually write down all the line items across ALL the packing slips LOL.


So how are the rest of you handling this? 

New Contributor

Any update on this critically missing feature????

Thanks everyone for your patience!


We’ve spoken with the developers working on this feature in the new layout and we currently expect to deploy this update early in January. We will definitely update this thread when the release goes live.


The RESTORE button used to be available in the old version of Shipstation to put a previously-shipped (or cancelled) order back in the queue. Now in the new version, it is only available for cancelled orders.


Yes there is an option to "Create another shipment" but if the products in the order have previously shipped, the new shipment via the "Create another shipment" option has NO products in it...


We require the RESTORE button for previously shipped orders in cases where shipments get lost in transit. While we could create a Manual order in place of this, it's way more work. The old version was more convenient for this.

Hello there @cdavis


Thanks for posting in the community! 


I am happy to report that the Restore button is actively being worked on and we are expecting to release near the beginning of the year! 🙂 



Howdy y'all! 

We are pleased to announce that our product team has completed and rolled out the "Restore" feature for our New Layout.

Check out this article in our knowledge base for how to reship your order, now including the restore option. 

Happy shipping everyone 🙂 


For the love of all that is holy.... why are line items BLANK with this restore feature?




@Moderator-Davis can you let me know when the line items BLANK is estimated to be fixed? When you said this feature was brought back you did not say only half of it was brought back. The old original restore LITERALLY restored the entire original order WITH line items in tact and did not change anything. 


@BearTone @cdavis @sales22 I assume ya'll are seeing the same thing? I hope we don't have to wait another 2 years before they fix this again. By that point SS will be on v4 and we'll forever be stuck in this constant cycle 😵💫

Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 


The full restore feature is still currently in review. However, I am absolutely keeping an eye on it, and when I know more, you will certainly be updated accordingly. 


Thank you for your patience 🙂   



Currently in review?


I can tell you that Note From Buyer, Custom Column 1, Custom Column 2, and Custom Column 3 all stay in tact when you restore an order.


HOWEVER, when you PRINT the restored order it suppresses the "Note From Buyer" field, which makes it so that this field prints out blank... But yet all 3 custom column fields print just fine. This is in addition to the line items being blank since they were stripped immediately upon clicking restore.


On what planet does this make ANY logical sense?



I'm adding to the thread so I receive a notification when it's ready. I would love this feature!