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Status: Investigating

Hi. I use insights to connect to a dashboard that shows shipping metrics in my warehouse.  I have noticed that since going to the new version sometimes its not accurate.  Example. Saturday night the orders coming in from 10pm till midnight went onto Sundays bar.  It's not Sunday yet and it was showing 5 orders for that day.

I'm in eastern time, the platform is set to eastern time also.  I also noticed that in settings I have it set to display in 12 hour time but yet it is displaying everything in 24 time format.  

Not a huge deal but it still should be fixed.  I have certain goals we need to meet daily and it's messing with that.  I now am 5 short for 1 day and 5 extra on the next day.  Just something that needs to be fixed.  It would be nice if they expanded on the insights section also, the insights hasn't changed in forever and alot of users like to use them.  For the price the charts and information could be expanded on and it wouldn't cost SS a dime but would provide users more bang for your buck.  Would like insights to be more interactive with ability to toggle different data sets, compare or combine charts, have multiple chart types, etc.

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Status changed to: Investigating