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We just recently updated to the new version of SS. There are so many little issues, not sure where to begin. Updating takes about 5 mins now, past version it took about 2 or less. When you go to create a return label, the package dims used to be filled in automatically, now they are not so you have to waste time looking at the original order to get the dim info needed. Also when you create a return label you have to select an item. The new version only uses description and the identifying factor, we prefer SKUs as a lot of our products have similar descriptions. When you create orders, you used to be able to hover over a customers name and then click to see past orders. This is no longer an option which makes looking up past addresses a time consuming process. The drop down for shipping methods is way to spaced out. We offer about 10 and have to scroll down now to select the correct one, never had to do that in the past version. Its clear that the developers do not actually use the program on a daily basis, otherwise why would all these changes have been made that suck up more of our staffs time. One feature that is nice is you no longer have to click get rate, the rate automatically displays when you fill in the weight and dims. And you only have to click create label once now. But these 2 time saving features do not make up for all the other "updates" that just waste time. Best Regards, 8 year shipstation user. 


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This feedback is appreciated and I will make sure that the team is reviewing these reports. 


I agree.  as a long time user of shipstation, many things about the new version make the process of printing orders much more time consuming for me.  I really don't know why the developers though turning "quick" ship into whatever it is now was a good idea.  Also please fix the issue of orders not printing at all if created in rapid succession of eachother