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Getting this every few minutes and the system hangs, and yes I've cleared cache and cookies multiple times already.   I suggest we start hammering this company on social media (ecommercebytes is a good place to start).   Total lack of respect for their customers for this to be going on so long.   


You are right, this sucks.

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There has to be at least a dozen or more tickets about V3 being garbage and no moderators/staff have actually addressed what is being done. Is ShipStation going to do anything to actually improve the site (i.e. roll back to the previous version which was, amazingly, better), or are we paying the same amount for a worse system? I have to wait minutes to load simple order searches, it's ridiculous.

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Order searches are painfully slow.   Just switching between orders awaiting shipping and orders shipped is rediculous - 2+ minutes to display.    I'm not sure if it's happening to all their customers or just a few unlucky ones that are tied to a slow server.   

Hey there @Ashkeebs and @service41


I absolutely understand how that type of described slowness could be frustrating. Please rest assured that this type of performance feedback is being actively reviewed! We certainly want to help! 


If you have run into other specific actions or processes (like yall mentioned with order searches above), please provide those details as well! Certainly, we want to improve the overall experience, but if there are additional and specific details, they can be terrifically helpful.