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Status: In Progress

I was told by help chat to post this here...


In the new layout, you can not split an order and give it a unique order number. This is a major problem for our company and here is why.



We sell an order with items A, B, and C.

A and C we ship from our location

B gets dropshipped


A&C order would have original order # xxxxxxx

B would have order # xxxxxxx-1


When we ship xxxxxxx that order closes out and when we receive tracking from our drop shipper order 

xxxxxxx-1 closes out.


With the new system, not being able to change the order number when split means both orders = xxxxxxx

And if we get tracking from the drop shipper first, then both orders will become marked shipped.


We need a way to create a unique order number when splitting orders. This is a MUST for our company and I agree with a lot of people on this forum that the current version is just fine.



We are experience the same issue. We need split orders to have two different numbers so that we can enter tracking on both orders and not just one. 

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Splitting  and Combining single orders is imperative in my business.

For the last 5 years, I have been using ShipStation and I had to design my own workaround to handle a major portion of my business which is based on Subscription sales. I know you do not support Subscription sales which forced me to come up with a method to make it work but it is contingent on me being able to split up a single order into the number of weeks of the Subscription and then Combine the first split with the original order to not lose the cost of the order so that I could keep track of my sales. Splits and Combining is the only way for me to be able to track my total sales. In the first 5 days of my seasonal mango business, I have received $20,000 in sales that I will not be able to ship if I cannot access the old Legacy functions and I will lose $200,000 before the season is over. I have been trying to work this out another way, but have not been successful. If you cannot help me you will put me out of business. Can you please appeal to your management to reconsider because each day you delay is putting me in a "deeper hole." I await your prompt response...Doug

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I wholeheartedly agree. Taking away the ability to split single orders that require multiple shipments as we could do in Legacy is harming our business. They are not taking into account that some businesses need a single order splits, not just orders with multiple items.

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We NEED this back. I thought I could work around it but my business is hurting every day I don't have this function!

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Another vote for this functionality! 

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Upvote this. Please allow us to customize the new order numbers!

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Agree, 100%. This is a huge problem for my company, as each gift order from our website must have it's own unique order number, and frequently be split among as many as 20-30 gift addresses. We will be looking for a new shipping platform is this isn't resolved, and soon.

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You might check Ordoro. I like it better!

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Shipstation- PLEASE get back to users on this issue. Your platform is UNUSABLE for many. If you don't have a fix, please don't force this version change. This is a massive oversight and damaging to many companies.


PLEASE let us know the status of this change so we know if we need to start looking for other shipping providers that don't duplicate order numbers. 



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I spoke with a customer service representative today....reverting to V2 is apparently never going to be an option, and, although personally sympathetic, she could offer no answers, re: fixing V3.