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In V2, splitting an order allowed us to change the name of the new split order. We would do this and use "codes" to communicate aspects about the nature of the order to our entire team without having to type it out in the notes each time. My request is simple: reintroduce in V3 the ability to change the 2nd/Split shipment name when creating a split order. You can still have the new order number default to the same one that it does now in V3 (which is the same way that V2's split functionality operates), but please put back the option to change the name.


I have been reading this forum for about 45 minutes now, and I see that this has been suggested a number of times with no real acknowledgement from Support about the issue. I saw one person who had been in personal communication with support for a number of weeks, but no one followed up on that and it was 7 months ago. I called in to support today prior to this post, and they told me that they would not allow any of our accounts to roll back to V2 if they were not already still in V2. They let me know that those accounts that are still in V2 have been "flagged" to remain there, but they did not have the ability to "flag" the rest of our accounts that are stuck in V3.


So there is no announcement of a fix for this issue, and there is no option available to roll back to V2 if you're stuck in V3. @support If the issue is being addressed, please let me know. If Shipstation has no plans of reintroducing this feature in V3, please let me know so that we can implement a (time-sucking) workaround. Thank you in advance.