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Status: Investigating

Today it printed a 15 oz package as 4 oz, twice. Everything was fine on the panel, it just spit out the wrong label. Then a 3 oz package first class printed as 0 oz. Every single order has a problem.


Why cant we revert back?  The new layout is the worst. We are looking for a new shipping platform.  Everything requires additional mouse clicks, the functionality went way down, and bugs went way up. Still cant do the simple things like search for a customer's order using their phone number, I've never been more disappointed in something than this new layout. 

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Bugs continue. (1) Shortcuts have stopped working (2) Can't use the second line on address for apartment/unit numbers, so it runs out of characters. What a disaster. I don't understand why this new version wasn't tested at all before releasing.

Hey there @info583


I wanted to check in about label printing specifically that you mention in the OP. 


This is the type of direct order issues that I would recommend reaching out to support to investigate directly. For these types of instances, the support team will want to double check everything to see the process of how you got to that action. 



Status changed to: Investigating
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Our hot keys stopped working with the new release. The support case is 3 months old!