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V3 literally deletes all the shipsurance and carrier paid insurance data! Look at SHIPMENTS columns! Your purchased insurance says $0.00!!!! It says $0.00 for everything we bought insurance for! We cannot even see the amount (for example for a $210 order we may have put $199 insurance to keep insurance fees low), but now if we open a insurance claim MONTHS later the shipsurance link is broken and NO longer populates data. We cannot even see what amount we originally put so and if we make an error (even by a penny on the claim form) they will auto deny the claim!  Shipstation thinks they know our business better than we do! 

They didn't even double check their programming. The tags section is difficult to read with ultra thin small font and they want to force us all to use this deceptive insurance pricing platform!? There are constant glitches because their staff does NOT use the platform everyday like we do!!! We pay $99 a month to be their BETA testers!!! Unethical!  We need to have grandfathered plans!!!! We never signed up for this mess!!!!


Who else is sick and tired of their changes that force us to re-train staff and lose revenue? If this continues all users may need to file a complaint and district attorney's offices to get our legally paid for insurance data! 

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Status changed to: Resolved

Hi @sellersavings


You should now be seeing the correct values for insurance within your dashboard. Also the url links should now all be working as intended. 


Thank you for your patience while this was addressed.