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It takes a little time to enter in all the require info for a shipment (dimensions, weight, insurance, etc.).  It takes even longer when the rate tries to refresh after each piece of data entered.  Give the user the option to auto refresh rate or not.  

Occasional Contributor

right - like who thought this was a good idea to refresh and make api calls for rates WHEN THE FIELDS ARENT EVEN FILLED OUT


honestly the whole interface now is hot garbage

Occasional Contributor

This is probably teh main slowdown cause for us as we often have new items so its not pre-filled and for whatever bright reason ShipStation is trying to get a shipping quote the entire time even though you dont have a weight or package or dims selected.


Why cant it just get quote once all fields are filled?  I mean its literally like 2 more lines of code, this is just lazy

Howdy there! 


When testing this out in my own account, I found that I was able to still fill in the various fields even while the rate was attempting to refresh. I wanted to make sure this is functioning properly for you as well. The rate does attempt to refresh, but it should not prevent you from entering the next field while doing so. 


If you find this is not the case and you are unable to fill in the next shipment information field until each individual rate refresh is completed, please reach out to our support team so we can investigate that directly with you! 🙂

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Yea you can kind of fight it and try to enter the info while its trying to refresh , but its super laggy and if you move even remotely quickly through the fields you will get an error when printing label and itll say either the package type is not selected or weight is not selected even though they are selected and filled on screen.  Then you have to click out to another order (also takes forever bc the whole interface is laggy at this point, and theres probably popups on top of your window you have to close out or wait for them to disappear) and then come back into the order and those fields you tried to enter quickly will be blank again for you do slowly enter. 


There is no way any single customer is happy with V3, its absolutely worse and slower and more frustrating in every single way.  Why are we forced to use it?