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Status: Resolved

Some of the issues I have come across in the new layout are:


  • unable to use shift to highlight more than one order
  • when printing a batch, the batch summary doesn't print
  • when switching between stores the columns go back to default
  • when printing labels, 'create and print' is the new default instead of just 'create'

Those are the main issues after my first visit to the new layout.  Another general gripe is the font size on the picklist.  


If anyone has any insight, that would be great.


Hey there @scarey


Thanks so much for joining us here in the community! We are thrilled to have you with us. 


We really appreciate your feedback here about the experience you've had with the new layout! 


When I got into my personal account, I found that I was still able to hold down the shift key, and using the up or down arrows, highlight additional orders. If you are seeing this as nonfunctional in your account, please reach out to the Support Department so that we can inspect it directly! 


Additionally, you are exactly correct, the grid view is on a per store basis so changing stores will go to the last that the store grid view was set to. 


Thanks again for providing this feedback for our team to inspect! 


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So in V2 you could create a default view for orders - not in V3.   Now it always gives you the ALL orders view which is a killer since we are constantly switching screens and have to wait for the ALL orders view to populate - made even worse because this version populates slower anyway.   It's to the point where I actually cringe when I know I have to switch to the Shipping screen then will have to switch back to Orders and wait to get the view I need.


I'm trying to think of 1 new feature in the new version that is so great that it makes me happy about migrating.   I can't think of any.   The only thing i think is cool is the ability for multiple shipments per order.   But it's slow to create them and not something I really needed anyway.


Yeah, the inability to filter out orders which were shipped 5+ years ago by default is pretty ridiculous. As far as reloading the orders page being slow, I've (slightly) increased my productivity by setting it to only show 100 orders on the page instead of 250. But that setting doesn't save so every time I reload the window I have to re-select it as 100 again. It shaves a few seconds off loading time. Because that's the problem with this new version. Yes, every individual action only takes 0.5 seconds longer but that adds up, especially when you redesign the interface to require so many more clicks and scrolling than before.


And yes, I have not seen a single feature that's truly improved in the new version. Perhaps I'm just not using some of the new features which truly do improve or add functionality, but even then, those things seem to be features that only a minority of customers use. Meanwhile, the core features are completely broken and a clear step back.

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Agree the marginal new features are just not worth the hassle and productivity lost to the downgrading of the core product.   In it's present form it will be unusable to me once we enter peak holiday shipping season.   V2 was definitely a best-in-class product with satisfactory support options.   Seemingly overnight V3 has put this company and product at the bottom of the class.    I have never witnessed anything like it since being involved in the tech world since 1983.


I disagree that individual actions take 0.5 sec longer than previously.   It is much worse than that.   I took out the stopwatch and timed from clicking the "Print label" button until the label preview appears is actually 54 seconds!!!!!   It used to be under 10 seconds in V2.

Status changed to: Investigating
Status changed to: Resolved

Hello everyone! 


I have confirmed that all the bullet points listed in this original post have been resolved!


If anyone is still seeing troubles with the batch summary printing out properly, I would encourage them to check out this Knowledge Base article about Batch Summary Printing


Happy Shipping!