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Status: In Progress

Please for the love of your customers do the right thing and let us go back to V2. This is ridiculous.


I went to make a return and was surprised to see that in doing so the fields weren't autopopulating with the original shipment that went out to the customer. So I had to click back between the return screen and the original order (which of course meant my return was lost and i had to restart it) and memorize the weight and dimensions to pop them into the return. This used to autopopulate with the outgoing shipment's details. Why on earth would you REMOVE functionality?


I'm guessing because Shipstation itself doesn't sell much, just has the occasional merch giveaway, so clearly they don't have much to return. Therefore, this setup must be okay.


At one point, it took me five tries to get one return label, because I had to constantly go back and forth to correct shipping dimensions. This used to be one=click and done.


It's also been a reported issue for at least a year now. No one else has bumped these topics though so SS didn't think to fix it.

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My ship station app on my phone works better for returns than my computer!

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I came here looking for this.  I've noticed that on our returns (since the new layout) we're having similar issues. 


In addition, even if it does populate the weight, the system THINKS there is no weight so we can't ship.  The only way to fix it is to manually change the weight, then change it back to the correct weight.  Even so there is typically an error and it doesn't tell me the cost until after shipping.  

Status changed to: In Progress