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An error occurred attempting to update orders


Hello first timer here. Uber frustrated.  I have been using Shipstation for a couple years now without too many issues but in the last several months I have been having this same issue over and over.  I go in to update my orders and they are not all importing and I have the "An error occured attempting to update orders" message.  I get 2 versions, see below.  I have tried reconnecting the store, sometimes that works.  I have had to delete the store and add it again as a new connection and that works sometimes.  But the next time I come on I have the same error messages again and have to do it all over. I am wasting so must time I am ready to move on to another shipping solution. I have updated my browser.  I have tried Chrome, Edge and IE.  I have updated the browsers to make sure they are current. I have gone through all the help articles. I would love to contact Shipstation help but I am either too tired or too frustrated to figure out how to do that.  The help just keeps sending me in circles. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been having to by pass Shipstation and take packages to USPS and wait in line just to get orders out timely.


An error occurred attempting to update orders: Something went wrong refreshing your auth token. Please reconfigure your Squarespace store.
07/12/2021 23:16 : Shipstation
An error occurred attempting to update orders: An error occurred with the connection to SquareSpace, please try again and if the error persists try and reconnect your store


Hey there @Positive_Trim


Welcome to the community! We are very happy you would turn to us for support.


I really appreciate the amount of detail you provided in this post, including the troubleshooting steps that you have already taken.


With that in mind, I dug into the account myself to see if anything stood out to me. From looking into your account directly, I definitely want to get you connected with a member of our support team so that we can have one of our agents dedicated to getting to the bottom of this with you! 


I will be DMing you here in the community to go over some more details about that process 🙂 


Looking forward to making this a worry of the past with you! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!