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Does anyone here use Netsuite?

New Contributor

We are using Netsuite and have a middleware called Pipe17 that connects all of our sales channels and data mappings onto Netsuite. Pipe17 is the middleware that also ensures that all of the records that automatically get created in Netsuite are accurate and in-line.


We have opted out of using the direct Shipstation <> Netsuite connector that Shipstation has available; simply because we would like to keep only 1 middleware to reduce system complexity and to also ensure that our recordkeeping in Netsuite stays consistent and accurate with what our accounting team requires.


The thing is, with Pipe17's current state, they are unable to pull inventory BIN data from our Netsuite WMS into any of the Shipstation orders or their associated line items. This can get quite annoying because we have to manually look up which bins each of the line items is located in every time we have to pick/pack an order from our warehouse.


Has anyone on here had any luck (or know of any solutions) for pushing inventory item bin data into Shipstation orders and their line items?


Thanks in advance!


Hey there @olsatools,

Thanks for becoming a community member! We are elated you've joined us here.

I definitely understand the desire for a robust inventory middleware system. This community is full of other brilliant creative shippers like yourself, and i'm quite hopeful that one of them may have a solution for you in terms of this 3rd party usage you have described.

If you run into any troubles in ShipStation directly, always feel free to reach out to our support team for clarifications.

Happy Shipping! 🙂

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Sounds good!


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Bumping this.


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