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store with variants not syncing correctly


Is anyone else having the issue of their items not syncing correctly to shipstation when that item has a variant? Example someone purchases 2 shirts and they are different sizes and color (Black 2T and a 5T charcoal) but are on the same listing and then it shows in shipstation that it's just 2 of the black shirts in size 2T? This is so frustrating and has made my workflow 10 times longer because I have to go back and verify on etsy side what they actually ordered. 


New Contributor

Were you able to resolve this issue? Only two of my three option variants are getting imported. 

Howdy folks! 


If you are seeing that products are not importing as intended, please reach out to the support team via email or chat with an order number example so that we can dig into that behavior right away! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!