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Shopify inventory

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Please show Shopify inventory on ShipStation's 'Products' page.


New Contributor

Hey @tobyh you can find the product quantities when using SKUSavvy for warehouse and fulfillment connected to your Shopify store. This will enable you to connect with Shopify to pull locations, products, inventory, customers and orders then to keep track of inventory across your purchase orders then to check in and into bin locations positioned on a visual warehouse layout. Using this visual layout SKUSavvy assembles a pick path to pick products and go through the fulfillment similar to ShipStation (only this uses ShipEngine - the API behind ShipStation) by getting rates, purchasing a label, and printing. 


You can use it free for 50 orders each month


SKUSavvy pushes inventory updates and pulls all order updates, then delivers tracking updates in real time.


SKUSavvy visual warehouse pickingSKUSavvy visual warehouse picking

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