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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We had many orders that didn't get delivered by the carrier estimated delivery dates during the holiday ordering period. Now, I'd like to request refunds on the delivery fees, but have to backtrack manually to get this information. It'd be great to have both the delivery estimate from the carrier and the actual delivery date as exportable columns. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
Just spoke to a chat agent requesting a report for this. Please produce this!
First-timer (legacy)
Just chat about this with Austin over and would really like to see a Delivery by added to the Column tab. If we know when the order needs to be delivered by then we would set it to the correct shipping method. Currently we need to go into the specific selling channel and check the delivery by date and then go back to ship-station and select the appropriate shipping method which takes a lot of manual work on our end. Putting a Column with the Estimated Delivery Date or Delivery By date would be very helpful and it seems as a lot of users are needing this feature.
First-timer (legacy)
I see that there is an attempt to indicate the delivery status for shipments, but it is horribly broken. Of 61 orders in the past few weeks, only one shows accurate delivery status. 3 other orders show an intermediate delivery status (in transit) even though the shipments were delivered. The other 57 orders shown an 'unknown' delivery status, many of them after weeks of time to poll the carrier. Having this list to review for delayed or problematic shipments would be very useful, but the current implementation leaves serious doubt about the reliability of the system.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi @James Cramton Rocketry Works, thanks for sharing! This sounds like a technical issue that is best resolved by our support folks here. We certainly want to make sure your shipments appear in the status they say they are. Please head on over to and use the "Contact Us" button to get started.
First-timer (legacy)
Returns have the ability to show delivery date... why would this not be available for outbound?
First-timer (legacy)
If SS factored in the standard USPS / UPS / Fedex zones and transit times by zip code and allowed these to be used as criteria in the automation rules, it would save my team 100's of hours. IE - if USPS PM is 3 day transit time, choose FC instead || if USPS PM is 2 day transit time, choose PM or if UPS zone 4-6 choose 3-day, if zones 1-3 choose ground The only other option is to create a huge number of rules based on 5K different zips codes AND carrier AND service options, which i don't think SS can even support and is not realistic. This would allow me to automate carrier/service selection and review carrier OTD so I can 1) proactively reach out to the customer to address the delay, 2) easily compile and submit guaranteed service claims to the carrier, and 3) review OTD metrics by carrier for QBRs and decision making.
First-timer (legacy)
Delivery Date column is really needed for reporting. It's been requested for 3 years! Please add!
First-timer (legacy)
Be great to have the delivery date added to display and be able to export.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! This would so be helpful. It's very painful to track and filter which orders were and were not delivered on time (in addition to refunds, it's also needed to email customers when their package is running late)
First-timer (legacy)
Really would love to see this. I don't want to use shipstation for SFP because I have no visibility of Deliver By