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Hi! It would be great if you could create a purchase order for your products and have a field for "on order" items. that way you could tell what was on hand, on order, allocated... and then therefore be able to identify if you do not have enough product either on hand or in production to fulfill your orders. I am looking for a whole other inventory integration just so we can do that, when I'm finding shipstation is overall closer to the type of inventory tracking I need minus the on order field. Just a thought/dream!
Add the ability to create Purchase Orders (PO). We do a lot of dropshipping and have to use 2 other products to create purchase orders (Magento Sync to Quickbooks Online (QBO) with Cloudcart Connector and then SOS Inventory to create the dropship POs). Once POs are sent to the vendors then they check their ShipStation accounts to make shipments. I would prefer to just use ShipStation as it already syncs to Magento and I realize SS can sync orders to QBO. However I don't see away to have the products on those orders expensed to the vendors in QBO as Cost of Goods Sold.
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PO for dropshippments is sorely needed.
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This is a badly needed feature. A lot of companies won't receive a package if the PO isn't on it. Right now we have to use a custom field for it but it would be better if this field was included separately.
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We would LOVE to have this feature. We currently cannot use Shipstation's inventory system and therefore have to rely on an external system that has additional costs and doesn't sync to SS. The two major things holding us back are the lack of support for kits/bundles/assemblies, and the difficult process for creating a purchase order to replenish inventory. If from within the inventory tab we could add items to a PO, email it to saved suppliers, input tracking info once available, and then mark items as received (which would automatically increase inventory), damaged, or backordered (and include field for return to stock date), this would help us SO MUCH. Dropship POs would be another great addition as well. Orders in the "awaiting shipment" status could be converted into a dropship PO and emailed to saved suppliers. A status of "awaiting dropshipment" or something similar would be great as well. Then, once we get tracking from our supplier we could easily mark these as shipped. Fields for invoiced subtotal/shipping/fees to easily compute COGS would also be awesome.
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Yes purchase orders would be a huge improvement. I would also like to see the quantity of an item to be able to go negative. So that way if your ship an item that is not in stock it will go negative. Then when the purchase order comes in and you post the purchase order the inventory goes back to zero. This would be useful when I have an order that just came in and the shipping department needs to get that order right out the door to the customer. This would also fix the problem Shipstation has when the inventory goes to zero it deletes the bin location and inventory warehouse location.
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I too would find purchase order management in SS a huge benefit.

However, in order for our business to utilize inventory management (and then PO), ShipStation would need to support multiple units of measure.  For example, a purchasing unit may be 144 each while the selling unit of the same item is 10 each.  I think that a bit more difficult to accommodate than a simple 1:1 situation as far as inventory management is concerned.  We also have items with bill of materials.  Those items too have multiple units of measure.  We use QuickBooks Enterprise and they do not do a good job of managing multiple units of measure so I am guessing it is not an easy thing.