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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
I would like to have the option of having more columns on the shipments page so that I can customize what I see according to our companies needs. we use some of the custom fields as well as other important fields to mark our orders and it would be a lot easier if we would be able to see those fields on the main shipment page.
First-timer (legacy)
Due to lack of Signature Required ability due to Covid-19, our temperature sensitive orders are shipped with "Card for Pick-up". What we have discovered is that a significant portion of these shipments are reporting that they never received a card for pick-up. We have adopted the practice of going through the shipments, tracking them, and contacting customers whose status has updated to "notice left", "shipment ready for pick-up", to notify them that there should have been a card delivered and that their package is now ready for pick-up. This has greatly improved a bad situation, but because we can't flag/mark shipments in Shipments, we can't easily keep track of who we have already contacted, who we haven't already contacted, and this leads to missed opportunity and excessive labour. I recommend, under column "Notifications", beside "Marketplace Notification", "Shipment Email", and "Delivery Email" icons, you add a "Flag" icon which can be toggled on or off by the user. Afterwards, the ability to sort shipments by "Flag Status" would be exceptional. Thank you for the consideration. Adam
First-timer (legacy)
The alias field under products should be a column to be able to display on the Awaiting shipment page so we can truly sort ALL items together across ALL Marketplaces so ALL like labels can be printed together at 1 time across ALL Marketplaces. This also helps with doing a hard inventory on unshipped orders that have been printed but not shipped yet as well as Shipments UNSHIPPED in which the order was pushed into an accounting system. So Many benefits from having that 1 column displayed and available with expots
First-timer (legacy)
This is needed to highlight certain shipments for attention and follow-up. For instance if a package is lost we could highlight on the shipments. Also, USPS is notoriously inaccurate. We find parcels "in transit" by USPS (tracking available within Shipstation) but we reach out to our clients and find the parcel HAS arrived. We could then tag that the item was received and sort our in transit orders accordingly.
I’d like a column on the "Shipments Screen" that shows the last tracking note from the carrier. Due to continued shipping delays, I spend a lot of time checking the last status for Customers when shipping SLAs are not being met. The overhead of checking each open tracking number is a drain on my time.
First-timer (legacy)
Only seeing Product Sku in the Orders tab. Trying to figure out how much each item is costing to ship - NEED PRODUCT SKU IN THE SHIPMENTS TAB. Thank you!
Status changed to: Under Review