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In my presets had a " Message field". There I could write * (item quantity) Thank you* it would print out ON the label for that preset so packaging would be much easier. Without that packaging has to determine quantity to package according to weight. 

ALSO in the presets I could customize an international quantity preset to have the correct  customs form filled out for quantity ordered. In ShipStation I filled out my preset customs form for 1 unit ordered and when I printed an order for 2 units ordered, I see the automated customs only said pkg had 1 unit in there. PRESETS need to be more like for ease of use! Thank you!

New Contributor

In addition to the Preset suggestions. The Presets do NOT stay in the order they were made. Preset for 1 unit, Preset for 2 units ect... Once a Preset is edited they get out of order. Makes for using the Presets confusing. This need to be corrected.

New Contributor

Preset recommendation - in addition it would be helpful if Presets were available from the Awaiting Shipments page. Then when I have 10 orders and 5 are for the same preset I could check the box beside all 5 and hit preset once instead of having to go further into each order to find the preset for each single order.


In conclusion the Presets in were MUCH more convenient and could be improved in Shipstation with the following.

MORE fields to include and option for customs declaration with each preset - a note field for each preset that would print on the label (so packaging would easily see the quantity from that field) - Preset option moved to the Awaiting shipments page instead of having to click into each order.

Thank you and I look forward to the new working arrangement with Shipstation.

Hey there! 


I absolutely see the need you are describing here. Thank you for providing so much detail and workflow around your idea as well. 


We will certainly leave this idea up so that it can be voted on more, but I wanted to say you should be able to apply presets to multiple orders from the grid view! You can select those orders with the check box on the left, and then Bulk Action > Apply Shipping Preset. 


I hope this helps in the meantime! 🙂