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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Ability to Scan and Verify the UPC code of the product get shipped for the individual order. So, this will eliminate the WRONG item being shipped and Wrong Quantity being shipped. Also "Ship Order" button activates only when the right product(s) is scanned and right quantity is scanned for the order. Products that does not come with UPC may be shipped by manually entering item SKU in the barcode scan field.
First-timer (legacy)
From Sep 5, 2013 — "After reviewing your comments and our own ideas and notions about this project, we’re excited to say that we’re planning to build this feature. We’d still love to hear your feedback on what you need for this feature, so keep the comments coming!" Is this no longer being planned?
First-timer (legacy)
Can we please get this done, what is the hold up? What are the workarounds? Is it time to leave Shipstation?
First-timer (legacy)
This feature is seriously needed and I would be willing to pay more for a premium extension. Currently we're using Groovepacker @ $100/month. This software works pretty well and has saved us this much money on a monthly basis, however there are still occasionally errors and we've notified Groovepacker about the same many months ago with no fix in sight; they informed us of a workaround, but this was short lived. They are aware of the issue since at least March. Due to repeated errors, we're seriously considering an alternative
New Contributor
When will this be ready?? It's about time.
Occasional Contributor
Is this feature still being considered? It is very much needed to have a Scan and Verify Product UPC to make sure to Ship right product and Quantity. Right now we have to use clumsy third party software that is not working very well with our ERP and Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
Much needed function. Will add value to the software to have this functionality.
First-timer (legacy)
We need this so our packers can scan the items into the order and not ship it out if there is an error.
We currently use Jazva, but would like to come back to shipstation. Please add this feature.
First-timer (legacy)
Chiming in 5 years later (again) .... requesting this feature. Just to be able to scan out an item & make sure it is correct. We've tried integrations & they just all have issues ... takes longer in personal time to import & fix then to just accept the losses by not using a scanner. All the other guys that do "inventory management" charge a minimum of $250-300 a month for a bunch of unnecessary functionality. Happy to pay extra for it all to just work together ... an app extension, basic. Scan in, scan out.
First-timer (legacy)
I found a zero cost work around. Took me a few hrs but its working now. I am not sure why they havent posted a solution yet.. I hope they post this instead of trying to add it as a paid feature which will likely be a big slap on the face :) 1 -Go to shipstation templates, then packing slips, then the "order items" section. 2- At the bottom of the order items html section simply paste: [Product Sku] 3- Now each packing slip product will have a barcode presented on the packing slip. 4- Install a barcode match tool on your iphone. I got "CodeMatch" from the app store. 5- Scan the barcode from your packing slip and then the one on your product. You can now scan and verify if the items you are packing are correct now. You can add barcodes on your items using a tool like ZebraDesigner. Meanwhile you would also have to enable SKUs or SKU import on your items through shipstation. Good Luck