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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Track Customer Order Frequency. Have the ability to place rules, report on the number of orders a customer has placed. For example: Joe has placed 3 orders, he receives a free gift. Adding a step to that, the frequency a particular item/sku gets ordered.
New Contributor
We really NEED this feature. We produce products and if we know the customer has ordered from us before we'll pull up their layout to make sure we match the design. We just need to know they have ordered before. A simple star would suffice.
YES PLEASE! Crucial for our business and will eliminate a very manual process currently.
7 years later and 217 votes, still not added. Adding an optional column to show the data you already have when you hover over the customer's name would take your IT department an hour. We like a lot of the features your service offers however, don't pretend to listen to customers when you actually ignore them for 7 years.
First-timer (legacy)
I am here for this very thing. I would like to see if a customer is new through printing out the packing slips, as we give special treatment to our new customers. As it is I have to sift through all of my orders, hover their order number to find out if they are new. We also give special codes and gifts to people who have ordered x number of times. To be able to have rules set up for this field would be very helpful.
First-timer (legacy)
Are you still considering this feature? This would be so helpful for us so we could customize marketing content included in packages. If we have repeat customers, we can reward them for their loyalty, and if they haven't ordered before, we can educate them about our other offerings. We think this would be incredibly helpful!
First-timer (legacy)
On the orders page I can hover over a customers name and it shows me how many orders they have, however I do not have a way to put a column on this page instead of needing to hover over. It would be helpful if we could have a column that showed how many orders that particular customer had.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be fantastic! We put different 'stuffers' and marketing materials into repeat buyers vs new customers packages. So a tagging option would be key! Thank you!
First-timer (legacy)
Very much need this. Just seeing if they're a repeat customer and how many times they've ordered with us. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement, but would save us so much time.
Occasional Contributor
This might be helpful in a very small percentage of cases, but does not actually address what people are requesting here. Having to hover/click on every order is not useful for implementing strategic management of repeat customers. This needs to be automated.
First-timer (legacy)
Seeing Customer History in the grid is nice and thank you for bringing it to the new interface, but it does not allow us to create filters or rules based on the Total Shipped orders or Gross revenue criteria. It would be very helpful to be able to create a filter based on Total orders for the customer, Total Shipping orders and Gross Revenue for the customer. (even if only data for the last 12 months is being covered) Please forward this request to the development team, I think it would enhance ShipStation greatly if implemented. Thank you.