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Adding items to pack slips

Occasional Contributor

If anyone is looking for a way to add a component of and item to their pack slip, ship station has an add-on called Product Bundle. You do have to subscribe to it for $10.00 more a month. This is something a stumble across. Since you cannot edit an order that has been import for your selling store at this time, (which would be very helpful) product bundle can be a work around if you need to have items to show up on your pack slip. Example if you sell books and with each book ordered you want to give them a pen and a pencil for free. In product bundle you can enter the sku, for the book then enter the pen sku and the pencil sku, be sure to uncheck the box to display on pack slip. Your picker will see all item to pick. You do have to keep inventory on these items.

I hope this helps.