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BigCommerce - Stock count not syncing

New Contributor

I have a new shipstation account and I am being told by shipstation that there is a known issue with stock count not syncing from BigCommerce. Is anyone else having this issue?


Occasional Contributor

We are on BC and have this same nightmare.  Version 3 of the BC/Shipstation integration corrects and properly shows multi-currency display, however the you then get the "No Stock Level Established" bug.  If you have them shift you to Version 2 of the BC integration you will get the stock levels transferred, but if you display local currencies to the customer it is not properly supported and will display the foreign currency for the shipping amount.  These have both been major issues for us since March.  In our case inventory was more important than requiring the proper currency on international orders.  Tell them to shift you to version 2.  They don't want to, but it fixes the inventory problem.  This has nothing to do with BC, and is an integration issue with version #3.