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Can you have two tables that display products in the Packing Slip Order Items section?


Original post by user Joshua K


I'd like to display only two tables with products in my packing slip. I'm looking to have each table display the product info in the <tr>'s that they have.


The method I'm using right now is to initiate both tables in the Order items Header section and set them to their positions with position:absolute "top" and "left", and then put two separate <tr>'s in the Order Items section which will have <td>'s with the product info. In the Order Items section I want each <tr> to go to it's appropriate table, so I'd have to close a table with </table> after the first <tr>, and then close the last table in a different section, the Order Footer section.


The issue is that since the Order Items section loops to the amount of products in the order, it also loops the closing table tag, </table> which means there will be multiple closing table tags that aren't connected to anything. This causes it to break and not display right.


So the question I have is:

Is there a way to display only two tables with the same products in each of them?