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Custom Packing Slip Issue


For whatever reason, there was a "bug fix" that now makes my packing slips not work the way they are supposed to.


The 4x6 slips that were always "fitting to print" on our 8.5x11 paper has html that was exactly what I need. The "bug fix" now took away the fitting to print for shipstation connect and it prints tiny on our sheets.


Shipstation support told me to switch to 8.5x11 to make the size correct, which works but the problem is, the rendering is entirely different. Random dark lines that would make us waste a lot of ink. The code for the 4x6 was copied to the individual character.


There are some tags that quite literally just render different depending on the size of the paper you are printing on for some reason.


I can use <tr> on 4x6 with no issues, but the second I use that tag on 8.5x11 it creates black lines I can't get rid of. It's like the base styling for each is different. 


How can I convert the 4x6 to the 8.5x11?




me too