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Customize font in pick lists

Occasional Contributor

I can customize packing slips which are great as I made fonts larger for employees that have eyesight problems but I cant customize the pick lists. I want to suggest this as a feature for accessibility.



In the interim, you can create your own picklists; since you can export order line items in whatever format you wish, you can create a format that has the info you need to generate the picklist, and then format this in whichever way you would like.

We find too that our generated picklists are vastly more flexible since you can change a great deal more (granular order, collating certain skus even when the marketplace forces import of an alias, categorizing certain skus, etc) than is possible in the default shipstation picklist. 


While you don't have access to the batch column in normal exports, if you export "current view" and have the batch column in your current view, you can gain access to it this way. Then you can use it create all picklists for all batches at once, which is what we have been doing. 

Occasional Contributor

Thanks! I am not very good with the code in the background so let me see what I can copy past from existing code. : )

You can also use an external program like Google Sheets or Excel (I prefer Sheets because ease of online collaboration--not to mention free and the scripting side isn't VBA) to generate the picklist from a csv export. 

In sheets, by selecting 'Replace current sheet' as the import option you can have the csv import replace an entire single sheet within the workbook--arrange your workbook so that the format you are exporting is used to generate the picklist so the only action in the workflow is an export and then import.

Also note you can easily take information from other sources outside of shipstation and use that in the picklist generation.

Why is the font size for the pick list smaller than on the packing slip? When using 4x6 formatting, it's unusable. 
Your interim solution is not practical for a busy work flow. Investing in full-size laser printers and consumables for this singular function is also not a fair or reasonable solution. The default font size for the packing slip is small, but reasonably legible for most.  Please update the font size to the same as with the packing slip, or allow us to. Thank you! 
View comparison. 

We find in our workflow that the added few seconds per batch is not significant, and worth access to the additional features/customizability available outside of shipstation (including adding workarounds for bugs, etc.) It might be worth checking out. 

I agree though, the pick list by default should be more customizable--perhaps via html as the packing slip?

You can also create picklists for all of your batches at once, using export of the orderitems and export of current view that has "batch" in one of the visible columns.