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Customized packing slip not able to print multi labels


I had a developed did this coding for me to print some orders in customized packing slip .


The coding is done, and it's able to print the single lable without issue.

However when select multi orders to print together, it does not display correct.


Can someone please assist?

Thank you


Multi Label display like this. All information seems stack on the last page.

multi label.png



Print single label display correct.

single label.png


New Contributor


I had a similar problem. As you've probably noticed, the Packing Slip doesn't properly handle compliant code, so you gotta do some extra work here that you wouldn't expect to have to do.

This issue drove me bonkers for a while. What I finally figured out is that I needed to set the overall pack slip inside a div of a specific height. This forced the content to be exactly the height I needed.

I also had a few other things I needed to do, including setting some div/spans as absolute and others as relative. It was very tricky and a lot of trial and error since the Packing Slip isn't generated correctly. So the only way to test was to do a multi-box pack slip to test. Took a while, and it sucked, but eventually, I got it!


Hey there @nathan3


Thanks so much for providing this insight into your process when you worked through this issue. Your participation in the community is greatly appreciated 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!