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Customizing the Item Options field

New Contributor

Just wanted to drop this here for anyone wanting to do what I just did... customizing the "Item Options" field on a packing slip.


We use our packing slip as a visual guide in the warehouse to help us pull the correct items with the appropriate sub-items (or configurations). The default packing slip gives us a small-text, inline list that is hard to read and keep track of so we wanted to split that into multiple lines.


Using the "Item Options Without Replacement" option (which, for some reason, doesn't show up in the sidebar) was a good start (


However, this still gave us some trouble since often one item wraps to multiple lines so it was still hard to tell one item from another.


I wanted to add space between each item. I couldn't just set a "line-height" since that would apply to all lines, even wrapped.


What I found is that, within the [Item Options Without Replacement] object they are using a "<br>" element to break the lines. These are not historically style-able items but if you add the following style it will work:


  • <td class="list-style-break"> //use this for the table cell that contains your [Item Options Without Replacement] block
  • Add this style above the initial <table> tag in the head section:


.list-style-break br{

content:" ";


height:30px; //or whatever height you want between items




Hope that helps.