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Enable Royal Mail SMS notifications

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I searched the help section to find out how to instruct Royal Mail to send SMS notifications to the customer regarding their delivery. I found this Royal Mail – ShipStation Help UK. which shows ShipStation have added a additional Royal Mail features but I couldn't find the option with ShipStation.  I have tried contact your support team who inform me this function doesn't exist.  I have used Intersoft in the past and they were able to enable this feature with Royal Mail but since migrating to ShipStation we have lost this function for our customers

Additional Features for Royal Mail


SMS and email notification options

You can indicate in ShipStation if RoyalMail should send an SMS or email shipment notification to yourself or your customer.



You must enter the phone or email address into the provided fields. This will send the details to RoyalMail when you create the label. RoyalMail will use the information to send the notifications. Notifications are not sent by ShipStation.


Hey there @IanMac


To my knowledge we can and do support the SMS notifications via Royal Mail. I apologize for any miscommunication to the contrary.  


The way to utilize this would be to select the RM service you wish to use, then under the "OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS" section found on the right hand side, input the needed phone number in that field shown. At this time however, it won't pull the phone number directly from the entered address information, so you'll want to add it directly in that field.


I hope this helps 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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@Moderator-Davis  Is there any word on making this checkbox setable via the API?

Hey there @chrisneal


To my knowledge, there are not any new changes to the Royal Mail SMS notifications at this time. 


I'll certainly keep an eye out for any new updates to the Royal Mail integration and let y'all know accordingly. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!