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Help Bonnie & Timmy Sort Orders Faster. Save verifications in real time.


Background: We are trying to adjust our pick - sort - pack - ship process to handle a larger volume of orders. The changes we are making involve multiple sorters verifying items for multiple orders simultaneously. 


*Sorter Bonnie takes a verifies item ABC123 in order 12345. There is still one more item left before order 12345 gets completely verified. Sorter Bonnie moves to her next product, which is associated with another order (order 67891). Sorter Bonnie has to leave the current verification screen for order 12345 and go to the new order to verify the new item. 

*Sorter Timmy gets the final item in his stock of products to complete the verification process for order 12345. When Timmy goes to the verification screen for order 12345, the verification screen shows that nothing has been verified. Timmy has to start the verification process over. 

The above scenario isn't a big deal if every order has only 2 items. But, we have larger orders that include many more items all the time. I'd like to see ShipStation change the verification screen so that verified items save in real time. It seems like verifications only save IF/WHEN the verification is complete.