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If you partial refund an order by refunding one item, it should update the order


Currently Shipstation won't update your orders if you do a partial refund if the order is older than 24 hours. Say if I have a customer who has ordered

Blue socks

Red socks

Black Hat


And they then call and tell me to cancel the black hat. I go ahead and send them a refund, but shipstation does not update and still tells my packers to send the black hat. This results in customer receiving an item they have not paid for. The only way to get around this issue is to contact ship station and get them to do a backend backdated refresh. Our frontend refresh function does not make this update.


Shipstation has confirmed that this is problem and have asked me to also post on the noticeboard


Occasional Contributor

Having a full refresh button somewhere would be awesome. I hate that orders updated on our selling platform don't get updated with a refresh, we do a large volume and orders are frequently edited. This causes us to have to edit the order in two places to make sure it gets sent out right.