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Insure Amt Autofill - Product Total vs. Total Order

Frequent Contributor

Shouldn't the autofill amount for insurance be based on the product total rather then the order total? I've noticed this especially when splitting an order that later the split order may be for one item but the autofill was for the original total value which is much more. I have to be more careful now and I'll be watching for this. I'm curious how much we have been overpaying in insurance fees.



Than you for posting this, @BC-Shipping I have the same issue.  I did not notice it until one of our international customers pointed it out.  Maybe it is just how I have things set up but the value of the shipment for international orders defaults to the insurance cost.  This was causing our international customers to over pay on taxes and duties as well.  It is easy to change....if the user remembers.