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Multiple box shipments under 1 SKU


So we are looking to use SS with our Big Commerce site and would love to integrate it but are running into a roadblock and I have talked to our SS rep and got no assistance. The products we sell are larger items and very often require 2 boxes under 1 SKU. Sometimes even 3 or 4 boxes. So the issue is that BC only allows for one set of dimensions and one weight for each item. Big Commerce cannot allow for multiple boxes and SS does not allow for a work around. I am guessing we are not the only company to have multiple box shipments under 1 SKU. Anyone have a way to use SS with this type of scenario? Thanks in advance for the help. Tom



This is a hurdle for us purchasing as well. I think we've found a possible work around in Package Sets, but it would be great to be able to assign a package set to an inventory item so it's not something the packer needs to select each time.