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Packaging Type "Defaulting"


I was hesitant to post this in "shipstation features"  because i don't see a world where this is useful to anyone, but here it goes:

For orders in my batch, I frequently compare prices between the following Shipping SERVICES:  "USPS Priority" and "UPS Ground".  Both of these Shipping SERVICES are compatible with the same exact Package TYPE:  "Package"

Since my orders import into Shipstation by default as "Package"  it used to be easy to manually change ONLY  the shipping service between USPS Priority and Ground to see the shipping price differences.  Since the Package Type is the same between the two services, it was never necessary to change the Package Type for this purpose of comparison.

As of 2/7/2024 the following issues arise while utilizing the same workflow i've used to compare prices for the last 8 years:

  • Upon changing ONLY the shipping service, while keeping package type set to "Package",  the rate does not refresh automatically, nor does it refresh when clicking the rate refresh icon
  • ONLY AFTER navigating away from the order and then returning to the order does shipstation reveal that the software has defaulted the package type to "Select Package"


Please tell me this is a bug and not a new "feature". . .

If it is a feature, can any developers for this software chime in and explain why this is necessary?  I understand that not all shipping services are compatible with all package types.  But when the previous package type is compatible with the new shipping service, why are you set on making my life more difficult in order to utilize it?




Yeah, it just tripled our workflow by having to click on a default.  Makes absolutely no sense.