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PayPal notifications not supported


I'm a LONGTIME user of PayPal - now with their Shipstation support instead of their native solution

It works great with somewhat limited capabilities butit has all I really need. It shows me what is unshipped and when I ship it, it notifies PayPal and the orders are populated with ship date, tracking number, etc., and the order is no longer Ready to Ship.

When I use ShipStation natively, all open orders are retrieved from PayPal and I have LOTS of features with some that I'd like to have but when the shipments are made, notifications are NOT sent back to PayPal and the orders are still Ready to Ship.

I got this from your support - "The PayPal store connection in ShipStation does not support marketplace notifications, so no tracking information will be sent back to PayPal. This is a current limitation with the software."

If PayPal is able to do this from their ShipStation implementation so I don't understand why you can't do it from yours. If it truly is not possible using their API as the article says, just let me know and I'll stick with theirs. I'm still using Shipstation in the trial mode but I'll use the free PayPal wimpy solution over paying money to use a solution that doesn't meet what is obviously a minimum requirement.

Having to go back and manually changing every order to Shipped and posting the shipping information is not what I would expect for a paid solution in 2024 (or 2014, for that matter).