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Problems printing to Rollo printer

New Contributor

Hi there. I'm new to Shipstation and am having some issues printing to my wireless Rollo printer from my MacBook. While I understand that Rollo is not officially supported by Shipstation, I do know that there are people who successfully use the two together. When I try to print a label from my Rollo, the label image turns out small and is printed sideways. I have gone into Printer Settings in Shipstation and ensured that 4x6 is selected. I have also gone into my CUPS on my MacBook and made sure that setting is also set to 4x6. I have tried printing from both Safari and Chrome and the issue still happens. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Frequent Contributor

We have never had that issue with our 5 Rollo printers, but we aren't using the wireless version. If you create a 4x6 label in Word or Pages and print it, does it work correctly? If not, I would reach out to  Rollo and see if they know a way to help.