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Recommendation for label printer with wifi? Or a wifi dongle?


Does anyone have a recommendation for a label printer with wifi under $500? Maybe slightly over?


OR a wifi dongle that actually works?


I Googled to find a way to add wifi to our Zebra GX430d, but all the dongles have really bad reviews, and I'm not sure if people just don't know how to use them properly... or if they really do just mostly suck? 


So I'm also open to finding a new 4x6" type of printer if it has built in wifi with minimum 300 DPI.



Our GX430t with WiFi works great. Bought on ebay for under $500. You should be able to get a direct model with WiFi built in for less, but in any case the transfer model also prints direct. I agree. I would not use an external dongle. Built-in is the way to go.


The caveat is that we use it for thermal transfer barcode sticker printing, not Shipstation printing. I'd be very surprised if it did not work though.


Shipstation does not officially support networked printers, but we also have a GK420D which is connectd by ethernet and Shipstation Connect prints to it just fine from a wirless workstation. So think about whether you really need the printer itself to be wireless, or whether you can connect it to a nearby workstation that can act as a wireless print server.


FWIW I think 203dpi is fine for direct thermal shipping labels, and there is usually a speed disadvantage to using 300dpi if you don't need it.