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Reports missing data.


Oddly enough there doesn't seem to be a *single* comprehensive report that can be downloaded (by users) that has "all" data that would be applicable to auditing shipments effectively. If I'm mistaken please correct me.

When navigating hundreds of line items it's impractical to examine 2 separate reports.


Specifically we're looking to know/download a report in CSV or Excel format that would have the "carrier fee" *with* "Item name/SKU... order amount paid, order item quantity, order item unit price" 






To download a report with this information go to the Insights Tab > Reports > Shipping Manifest


Then select the source, date range and store you'd like the data report for. 


Hope this helps! 

Thank you for the reply @SportTime 

Sadly the shipping manifest is missing what the order totals are in addition to the order contents which is what I was hoping to find in a single report. Currently we need to generate 2 separate reports for the specified date ranges (orders & shipping cost), combine them into separate tabs within the same file, and use a search function to match up orders via Order#. Huge inconvenience tbh 

Hmm... from the reports I've found you're missing one of your listed needs, in each one. 

Vlook up function to the rescue! I'm not sure which search function you're using, but Vlook up makes life easy when you have to combine data from two different reports.