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Restricting access to stores

New Contributor

Hi all - 

We have multiple Shopify stores connected to our ShipStation account.  Is there a way to restrict who can see what store?  For example, we need person A to see Store 1 only and person B to see Store 2 only, but I want to be able to see Stores 1 and 2.  

If this has been posted before, I was not able to find it so I apologize for any duplication

Any help is greatly appreciated!  



I do not think this is possible in the way that you have outlined. If it is simply a matter of visual clutter you can make a order filter to show store 1&2 but not 3. Let me know if you want more info on that kind of filter.

The orders are already filtered out by each store.  I was hoping there was a way to choose which stores a specific user can see or not see.  Sounds like that is not possible.