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Shopify/Shipstation/Royal Mail expert required


We need help setting up Shipstation and our carrier; Royal Mail with Shopify. Our client sells mostly books, most are generally in stock for immediate shipping. However, occasionally they have products set as 'pre-order products' using the Shopify app 'Advanced Pre-Order Pro'. These pre-order items all have a date that the book is published hence why they are set as pre-order. The following issues we need help with:

1. How can we ensure pre-order products have a separate shipping charge to anything else in the order, so we can ship pre-order products to standard in-stock products separately, so we don't lose money on shipping charges. And how does this effect international shipments (currently looking at using EAS app on Shopify).

2. Once an order has reached Shipstation we are aware that any order that contains a pre-order product and an in-stock product will need to be split so they can be shipped at separate times. How are customers notified of this? Do they receive a notification saying 1 product of 2 has shipped and then they get a second notification for the pre-order product? or as they are split, the customer gets a notification for each product without any mention they're part of the same order? And again how does this effect international shipping? IOSS etc (using EAS Shopify app).

3. We have been told by Shipstation Royal Mail isn't compatible with 'Automated tracking notifications' meaning when we select the 'notify once shipment has entered mail stream' this will not work as the Royal Mail integration doesn't support it. We need this option as pre-order products are packed with printed label a week or two prior to being dispatched and without it Shipstation notifies Shopify it has shipped once the label has been created. This means customers will be told it has been sent when in reality it hasn't even left the warehouse yet. How can this be overcome? Different carrier for pre-order products only?

If anyone can help us find a solution to this issue please do reach out for further discussions.