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Split orders

Occasional Contributor

This is horrible for anyone who splits orders.  First, it doesn't allow me at all to split orders for multiple address shipments from Woocommerce, which has been a big problem for me but at least I could work around with Shipstation and split the order manually and change the addresses.  Second it doesn't assign the drop shipper.  The old system automatically assigned to a shipper based on the rules I set up.  Third, it is confusing splitting the orders that come from two warehouses.  We've made errors shipping the wrong thing. This should not be forced on us without these issues worked out.  I have been using Shipstation for at least 10 years and the greatest part, lifesaving, was the way I could split orders.  I'm going to have to look for something else.


Hey there @LeslieAJ,


Thank you for this feedback in regards to the order splitting process. 


I do see that you have started a ticket with support on this matter! This is precisely what we hope for and is the best course of action!


I don't have a solid ETA yet, but with several updates in the works currently, as soon as I hear anything back about an adjustment in this process, I will let you know! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!