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Subscription Fee Huge Increase


ShipStation decides to just increase subscription fees during busy holiday month! 

For Gold from 69.99 to 99.99 while reducing the shipments per month from 3000 to 2500.

For Platinum from 99.99 to 149.99 while reducing the shipments per month from 6000 to 5500.

That's at least 50% increase on the fee, while cutting down the number of shipments allowed.

With no announcement at all. I bet ShipStation is betting on that most customers would not noticed this.

Time to move to competitor that provided less for the same features, hated the new version upgrade that have issues.


Hey there @MeToo


This change actually took place back in September for new users, but we also saw it effecting those that changed plans. 


Be on the look out for a direct email from us soon! 🙂  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!