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Unique Serial Number(s) Capture

Occasional Contributor

We need a field that gives us the ability to capture serial number(s) within shipstation before completely processing the order. My thought would be, when someone purchases one of our products it triggers the system to prompt for a serial or unique number that we can either manually type in or scan with a barcode reader. It would also need the ability to add more than one, case in point... we not only sell to individual customers, but also to resellers who buy multiples of the same SKU. Right now, I'm adding all the serials to the notes field but its not ideal. This is also very valuable when we need to do returns. The customers product that was purchased needs to match the serial that they previously purchased in order for us to process a return. PLEASE BRING THIS! and please don't add it to the gold plan or above, but to all plans....


New Contributor

I agree, sometimes i sell muliple items that i need to keep usn details