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View the Errors field in the Shipments -> Batches interface

New Contributor

In the Shipments -> Batches interface, the "Errors" (and/or "Progress") field should be added, allowing users to quickly view batches and see if any labels failed to create. These fields were visible in this interface on the previous layout:


And are not present, nor able to be added, to this interface on the new layout:


It is operations-critical to be able to see if any labels were unsuccessful in this batch view. The alternative is to sit and watch when we create the labels, which will add hours of waiting to daily operations.

These fields being present on this screen is even mentioned in this article titled "Troubleshoot Batch Errors"


Hey there @ShipwithPremier,


Thank you for posting this feedback! 


I know that we are looking into this actively while we are making many improvements. As soon as i have any updates on this topic directly, I will update this thread accordingly! 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!