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When did having "Carriers" become a paid feature for a SHIPPING platform???


I just noticed on my credit card bill that my $59 Ship Station subscription now charges me $94/mo since July.   When did having shipping carriers become a "paid feature" on a shipping platform?  I also print labels... should I anticipate a "printing fee" feature for those of us who need to print labels?

I searched the community forum for this and found no posts. I assume they didn't stay up very long.   When did this happen, why did this happen, and how did this happen?  I only use USPS via Stamps (the same company as Ship Station, and I use FedEx)  I have to pay $30/mo just to use FedEx?  

I'm just a bit surprised that the prices went up before even fixing all the issues I still have.  I can't even save my printers as default, I literally have to reselect all my printers every time I ship, and a host of other issues that are still present.  I didn't expect to see a nearly doubling of the fees at least before the issues were fixed and some of the features voted on 5 years ago came to life.  Is there an explanation for the carrier charge? Like did all the carriers get together and say their API now costs $30 per month to access? I apologize for my energy, I just literally feel like I've been punched in the face by an ex, who then came back to visit, only to take my beloved dog with her.  


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Yeah, was surprising when it happened. Back in May they announced everything and sent out alerts to everyone.

You can view a big thread about it here:

And more smaller threads:

Is unfortunate, but there were alerts and emails about everything when it was happening, and old threads here talking about it.


We used to have a headache back in the day with Shipstation Connect, what continuous issue are you having with it? I don't get great support through Shipstation customer service, sure you haven't either, but maybe I have some info that would help!