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zebra tc51

New Contributor


I have a zebra tc51 that runs android.

is there a way to be able to scan the items in an order via this scanner and once its all scanned, it should print a label or confirm its done and ask if i want to print a label etc...

the tc51 is a great android scanner and it would eliminate needed a usb scanner and a computer.

its also helpful to see all orders and the items to scan for each order without having to print a physical paper copy


Hey there @orders37


Thanks for posting in the community! 


To my knowledge, our recommendation does continue to be the utilization of a USB scanner. With that in mind, you very well might be able to make it work! As a heads up, we have seen the best results from USB Scanners. 


If any other community members have made successful use of this type of scanner, please share your experience/tips/tricks with @orders37

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

I would greatly appreciate if anyone has made this work.  but more than making this wordk, i think shipstation needs to add some features to make this work and not just pass the ball to other users.

1. shipstation needs to show a pack list in the scanner when you click on the clients order, and when we scan the barcode of each item, the app should mark that item as packed till all items are done and then we can print a label.

2. if we are missing an item, it should ask us if we want to proceed with shipment as we are missing an item.

your best results as a USB scanner is very OUTDATED and it only helps to not make a packing error but doesnt make the picking and packing process to have a nice and smooth experience.
i use tradepeg as my inventory software and their app is so good and smooth (like the above example i gave you) if you think a video of it will help you understand, and help shipstation techs make this happen, please let me know where to send that video

where can i send a video of a better way without using a computer and a usb scanner?  and all in one solution in your mobile app.
there are alot of android scanners these days that can handle it better than your current setup requiring a dedicated computer and usb scanner and a physical paper of a packing slip

howdy @orders37


Thanks for asking! You should actually be able to post that video here. My advice would be to try and avoid/block out any individual's personal information prior to posting. If that doesn't seem to be a workable option, you may also DM it to me 🙂 


Providing this level of detail and optics can be very helpful, so thank you! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

I made the video but its only allowing me to upload pixtures, not videos. Please help

New Contributor

i uploaded the video to my google drive and here is the public link to view it

Thanks so much for posting this video link! 


I know the team will like to see this workflow. We appreciate you taking the time to do so 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

i hope you can program something like this.  its not hard.  the same android app you can click on a customer's name in the orders list and you can have a scanner to scan the items by barcode and once its confirmed packed, the label will print.  if can even be a separate app special for packing and label printing.

do you have an update from the programming team, can they do something like this?  better yet, will they do something like this video shows? its a much better system than your current app.