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Status: Investigating
We are adding UPS's new shipping program called Simple Rate, we need this added to ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add
First-timer (legacy)
Please add UPS Simple Rate as an option in ShipStation
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This is now a huge competitor to USPS flat rate. We were wanting to use ShipStation again, but this was not an option... UPS site is not the best for printing the labels.
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Why hasn't this been updated over a year later?
Occasional Contributor
Need this too!
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I'm with everyone else. I just found out about the new UPS simple rate plan and love it. But my ShipStation rep just emailed me to tell me this is not an option yet. There is a lo tof talk about this online and a lot of unhappy folks. and I don't understand why you would not do this immediately. It is VERY simple, and you already offer USPS flat rates and regional rate boxes. Why not? I don't understand why you would even hesitate on this. That will be a LOT of business that you won't get paid for. I hope to receive word very soon that this has been added. Thank you!
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hi, has this been added yet?
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I would like the new UPS flat rate shipping program to be integrated. UPS Simple Rate is comparable to the FedEx One Rate program and is new for 2019.
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With the increase in shipping rates by UPS and FedEx for items weighing more than 50 lbs, this has forced us to reevaluate our shipping practice. After studying the new UPS SIMPLE RATE, we find that this will save us hundreds of dollars on shipping per week, and we are planning on moving in this direction. We love Ship Station and it's ability to allow us to have all our shipping on one platform, this will begin to be a problem. Sorry to day, if SS does not start allowing this new cost structure to be available, I'm will be forced to find another method for shipping.
Is there a reason this isn't available yet? We've signed up for the UPS simple rate program, but can't use it in SS?